The Office

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Compete to be the quickest salesperson in your office


  • Funny graphics
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Can get a bit boring

Not bad

The Office is a casual game based on the TV show The Office and displays characters, backgrounds and collectible items inspired on it.

The game consists on doing a series of typical office tasks in the shortest time possible, first because you have to beat your rival and second because you'll get bonus for being quick. Tasks are easy to accomplish; you only need to be fast with the mouse and have quick reflexes. Plus, you can also play pranks on your rivals to slow them down. The game features cartoonish funny graphics and similar sound effects.

The Office gets a bit boring after playing it for a while, but works perfectly as a timewaster for those short breaks at work – especially if you follow the TV show.

Play this funny timewaster with your favorite characters from the TV show The Office.

So you think you could survive the zany workplace of NBC's Emmy Award-winning comedy series The Office? Put yourself to the test as you dive into the hilarious environment by maneuvering through the quirky and frenzied fun of The Office game. Play pranks on your rivals to slow them down, earn points by helping out your co-workers, and avoid getting distracted by the office visitors, all while competing to be the best Dunder Mifflin paper salesperson you can!

See what this game features:

  • In-game caricatures of cast favorites
  • Season variations at the Scranton office
  • Collectible in-game items inspired by the show
  • Computer-controlled rival competition
  • Humorous pranks

The Office


The Office Demo

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